Empathy in Engineering Part 5: The Bottom Line

When discussing ideas around an empathetic approach to engineering, it’s easy for the concept to come across as redundant, a nice idea that might help employees emotionally, but with little hard data to justify the meeting of engineering with personal needs. However, in our experience, using engineering skills to 3D print accommodations does not merelyContinue reading “Empathy in Engineering Part 5: The Bottom Line”

Empathy in Engineering Part 4: The Right Tool for the Job

After you’ve gone through the process of listening intently to the concerns of the operator/assembler, approaching them with empathy and compassion, you can then make their needs a reality. Technology like additive engineering allows us to take the story, run with it, and quite literally create a happy ending. The process of building accommodations withContinue reading “Empathy in Engineering Part 4: The Right Tool for the Job”

Empathy In Engineering Part 3: Six Steps to Empathy

Utilizing design engineering in an empathetic way comes with a bit of a learning curve. After all, it is somewhat unorthodox to apply additive engineering to the assistance of production staff with a disability or injury. Fit, form, and function are typically the driving characteristics behind the design of tooling or specialty featuring.  It hasContinue reading “Empathy In Engineering Part 3: Six Steps to Empathy”

Empathy in Engineering Part 2: Beyond the Bottom Line

Many manufactures are implementing the use of 3D-printed tools and fixtures into the workplace environment, which allows the company to create custom-made items necessary for their day-to-day operations in record time and with minimal cost. This use of new technology has led to some great improvements in productivity and efficiency. However, in only using additiveContinue reading “Empathy in Engineering Part 2: Beyond the Bottom Line”

Empathy in Engineering: Part 1, The Most Valuable Resource

This is the first of a six-part series addressing the importance of using an empathetic approach to engineering design, and the possibilities that such an approach adds to the manufacturing process. Businesses are adopting additive manufacturing methodologies at an ever-increasing rate in order to remain competitive and at the forefront of their industry. Additive manufacturing (3DContinue reading “Empathy in Engineering: Part 1, The Most Valuable Resource”