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We’re an additive manufacturing company that creates solutions for reasonable accommodation and assistive technologies.


In many production scenarios, employees are often unable to do their jobs well because of the implements they use, whether because of physical challenges or non-ergonomic equipment. When someone can’t do their job to the fullest capacity, this not only hurts the employee, but the company as a whole.

However, when people can use their tools more effectively, they are able to be more productive, more comfortable, and to take more pride in their work. This creates a company culture of support and empowerment, which strengthens the company from the bottom up.


At Additive Enginuity, we care about your employees as much as you do. We want them—and you—to be empowered to produce the best work. We use 3D printing technology to design and implement solutions that accommodate and assist workers, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. We are passionate about supporting your employees, reminding them that they are valued. We keep things simple, using today’s tech in innovative ways to provide solutions.


Like the beloved, well-worn, tools that are passed down from generation to generation, we pride ourselves on being timeless and reliable, just what you need when you need it.

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