Do Less, better.

What a novel concept in this Age of Acceleration.

An age where over-achievement is honored. Where multi-tasking is expected. When on-time is too late.

In essence, it can be said that our society has become the proverbial ‘frog in the boiling pot of water’. One where we don’t realize that we’re being cooked alive, until it’s too late to jump out.

What if; that instead of striving to ‘do more’, we change our focus to doing less. I’m not talking about giving up and ‘flaking-out’ on all meaningful endeavors, but rather working more intentionally on less things, and doing those ‘less’ things, better and with more purpose that we had before.

Becoming an expert, so to speak, in a focused interest, work, or area of talent. Not suggesting that we drop out of life and our responsibilities, but instead gain focus on our ultimate personal or corporate goal, and work towards that goal with a more concentrated effort. “If you do not set a goal, you will surely reach it.”

There was a comment that had been presented a few years ago, and from an engineering perspective, makes perfect sense: “There’s no such thing as too much horse power, the problem is that there isn’t enough traction.” Depending on where in the world we are geographically, it’s reasonably safe to say that there’s likely sand, mud, snow, oil, jungle, swamp, who knows, but the concept is much the same. It’s hard to get anywhere when moving efficiently and effectively in an intentional direction seems impossible. In a way, our daily lives can be such. Work, school, relationships, parental responsibilities, etc., can all provide an outstanding environment for the proverbial ‘slippery slope’.

Slow down, gain your traction, then accelerate to greatness.

Choose a single path. Take a single step. Then another….and another…and another.

Find or develop the tools that will help achieve that goal.

One thing, done intentionally, over time will achieve a set goal and will produce a legacy.

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